Craving respect

Regarding language use, whose respect do you crave?

For example, a few weeks ago, I wrote the word “fora”, as the plural for “forum”, and a couple of native-speaking members here took me to task over it, and a couple more even made fun of me for using it. They said I should use “forums”. Well, I’m still using “fora”, so I guess I’m not so interested in gaining the respect, linguistically and socially, of said members. But, did I make the right choice? Should I have taken on the usage of said members? Should I have tried to to gain their respect?

And should someone who feels comfortable using a double-negative, or is happy using “if I have chance” in the spoken form - to take just two examples - give up their way of speaking, of using the language, and instead try to gain the respect of those who prescribe against such forms? Should someone who never uses “ain’t”, as another example, suddenly begin using it when coming into contact with those who do use it?

So, regarding language use, do you try or wish to gain the respect of a certain sector of society? If so, which sector and why?

Molly, I don’t think language use is the reason you’re not gaining respect.

Do you imagine I crave such? What’s your answer to the topic questions?

There’s that “such” again.


What is wrong with the ‘such’ part?

Ontopic: In my opinion, language is a no-competition field, hence no ‘respect gaining’ is needed. On the other hand, there are undoubtfully great linguists, who have dedicated their lives to examine languages, whose judgement is hard to refute. Then again, the Average is way underneath the latter in terms of skill, and therefore cannot possibly ‘compete’ with them.


Respect, dude. 8)

?? How so? Can you please explain?

we occasionally disagree, but it’s never personal (IMO, anyway), and I respect the doggedness you display in defending your stances.

…even though you’re wrong most of the time.

hehe :wink:

It’s distinctively (and usefully) idiolectal, rather than “wrong”.



Thanks, MrPedantic.

To me, people’s skills in language are irrelevant. As long as we understand each other, all is good. I don’t like mocking at someone’s illiteracy, stupidity of statement or whatever.

Best wishes

If only. Mr P will tell you that you’ll never get a quality job with that attitude.

Well, that is my thesis, and hardly can it alter.

Nor should you.

BTW, did Jamie answer your “What is wrong with the ‘such’ part?” question?

Hi Molly,

The main reason why people don’t pay you respect may be found in your obvious desire to incite people to act up on you. In this thread you had the majority of contributions (10/19), but not a single one pertinent to the topic.

How do you expect us to respect you?

And why do you choose language forums for your guerrilla war dance?

Interesting that you count off-topic hits only in threads in which you haven’t yet run wild. Also interesting that you do not note who made the first off-topic post in THIS thread, or maybe that’s not important to you in your witch hunt. Go join Mr P-ixelwaster.

Hello Ski,

I entirely agree with you.

(I should add that I think an interest in a distinctive usage, rather than mockery, was the context here.)

Best wishes,


Hi MrPedantic,

Thank you for sharing the same thoughts. Could you please elaborate what you have said in the parentheses? Is it that I have improperly used the word ‘mock’ in there?


Hello Ski,

No, your use of “mock” was fine. My comment in parentheses meant that M’s use of “such” was probably mentioned because it is distinctive (idiolectal).

Best wishes,


Hi, Mr.P

Shall I take it that Molly’s use of “such” sounds weird to you ? (I suppose the sentence was Do you imagine I crave such?)
If so, how would you put it? (something like Do you imagine I crave respect ?)