Crash/crush (2)

Amy, thanks a lot. Unfortunately I can’t reply on this forum and have to start a new thread. You correctly write:
“For example, one difference is that when something crashes, it may break apart into pieces. When something is crushed, it might be flattened or reduced in size but doesn’t break apart.”
On the other hand, someone rightly pointed me that
computer crashes (not crushes) meaning its operation system malfunctions. Isn’t there some contradicion?
Thanks again, Alec

Hi Alec
I don’t really understand what you see as a “contradiction”. Lots of words have more than one meaning. That’s why I suggested looking at the dictionary definitions. :wink:

Why do people say that a PC crashes? Well, why not? :lol: A car can also crash. When a car crashes, it undergoes sudden damage/destruction. When my PC crashes, that might also be seen as sudden damage or destruction. My unsaved documents are destroyed and whenever my PC crashes, it’s always quite sudden and unexpected. :shock: