couple or just friends...!?

Hello every one

I believe that the strongest relationship between two lovers is the marriage, as a kind of unconditional acceptance and respect between them. Unfortunately, increasing number of adults prefer to stop their relationship’s growth in the step of friendship to be just a boyfriend or girlfriend. that happened in case that they can break down their friendship easily when they do not like each other under any circumstances such as disputes, boredom , misunderstandings, or even finding much more better relationship with someone else!!

So why do people still accept to have a boyfriend or girl friend for a long time instead of getting marriage?
Do think that the trough love has to be conditioned; I mean that does it end under any circumstances even if the lovers spend many years with each other?
Do you think it is more expensive to get marriage? If it is expensive, why not to pay some money to keep the bond of your love much stronger forever?
The lovers could pay their life to protect their love…!

Please check my writing and answer my question…:slight_smile:

Thank you

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