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Could you please tell me what does 'counterpart mean here and rephrase the sentence in a simpler way?

"when we focus excessively on goals, we short circuit certain brain functions and fail. In effect, we are letting our expectations control us. [u][b]so there is a physiological counterpart to what the mind manifests.’[/b]

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Physiological means having to do with your physical body.
Manifests means creates or here it would mean “imagines” or “thinks”

Counterpart is something that matches or corresponds to an object in another group or context - like an army general’s counterpart would be a navy admiral.

So here the bold clause is saying there is a corresponding reaction in our physical body for what we are thinking with our minds. If we think scary thoughts, our heart rate may rise and our muscles will tense, while if we think comforting thoughts, our muscles will relax and our breathing and heart rate will return to normal.

“Indian Prime Minister and his Pakistan counterpart are meeting at UN.”
Is it correct?

Close, I would say “The Indian Prime Minister and his Pakistani counterpart are meeting at the UN.”

Hello Lsuchen;
Thank you so much. Your explanation helped a lot.