Couldan't, shouldan't, wouldan't :) :)


Doing some other things, I’ve just encountered this piece of a ‘Google-reseach’ raised by the use of (ungrammatical) form would haven’t.

Maybe you find it interesting to take a look at. Even though it’s not very fresh. :slight_smile:

modal … 01291.html

P.S. I didn’t check the data presented.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks for the article, Tamara! :smiley:
You know, my initial reaction to “would haven’t” was exactly the same as the author’s: I also couldn’t imagine anyone ever actually saying something so utterly ungrammatical. Never.

But after reading the author’s theory, it started to sound more possible — in spoken English. :shock:

But still…I attempted to pronounce “woulda-n’t” and found it next to impossible to do satisfactorily. I guess I shouldan’t bothered trying… :lol: :wink:


Hi Amy :slight_smile:

Hmm. To me it’s even more simple than [wudnt].
But, of course, I am not sure at all in ‘satisfactoriness’ of my pronunciation :slight_smile: :wink: