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Should the government support artists or artists support themselves?

When it comes to the development of art, some artists and politicians claim that governments should not interference artists since political idealism might impact the creation of artists. In my opinion, however, governments should support artists, not only for the artists but for the development of culture in a nation. Several reasons in different dimensions will be provided to testify my argument.

To begin with, governments have responsibility for the transmission and delivery of culture and custom, something that are represented and interpreted by artists. Each nation has its own unique history and culture. How can this history and culture be delivered and be acknowledged by descendents? They must be involved in some artistic objects such as paintings, songs, or porcelains. Since all these kinds of artifacts are created by artists, our government are supposed to assist them to make full use of their gifts and crafts in order to create more and more excellent works, which would be preserved for hundreds of years and passed down by one generation to the next.

In addition, governments also are obligate to expand the influence of art, making more and more people enjoy and appreciate art and aesthetics. Sometimes, artistic things are kind of luxurious and few people can afford them. With governments’ sponsor, an increasing number of people would have access to galleries and music performance centers. In 1930s, the federal government of the United States conducted Federal Art Project, which helped many artists find jobs and people in rural areas available to artistic things that they had never seen before. Indisputably, governments play essential roles in the development of art.

Admittedly, it is insufficient that governments support artists. Artists ought to support themselves as well. As the old saying goes, god helps those who help themselves. If artists had no incentives to improve their skills or create new works, the art industry of our country would not make great progress notwithstanding governments’ sponsor. Governments could help artists solve economic problems but not initiative problems. In one word, only when artists believe in themselves can governments successfully help them.

To sum up, from what I have discussed above, it is not easy to say whether governments should support artists or artists support themselves. We should consider both subjective and objective factors and thus conclude that not only do governments support artists, artists but also support themselves.

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Hi Viviyl, I thought your essay was pretty good. I think you had a few arguments that might have been stated more convincingly, but what you have is effective too. Your grammar is mostly error free, though you do have some odd word choices and a few errors in sentence construction. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Thank you, Luschen!