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The map shows the development of the Chorleywood village near London ,according to the Map information the village experience dramatic changes . However several facts caused the population village to increase steadily since the middle of nineteenth centaury.

Between 1883 and 1868, the village’s population was small and there was not much development but during the next 24 the village experienced a number of dramatic changes. The most noticeable change is that a station and a railway were built in 1909 and due to this reason the population of village has started to increase near the Chorleywood station.

In 1970, a motorway was built in the east part of village and attracted more population to this part of village but during 1922 and 1970, the population of village increased in the south side of Chorleywood station but most villager interested to resident in the south west of rail station .However between 1970 and 1994 , some villager also interested to resident in the south east and south west of motorway . The central part of village made way for park and gulf course
Overall, recent study shows that the village is slowly going to became a city