Could you please correct my essays?(Dependent writings)

here are two dependent writing that I would be greatly grateful if you could check them for gramatical mistakes, word choices and etc.

The first writing:
The author brings up three reasons to testify that the painting attributed to Rembrandt is not actually his painting. However, the lecturer provides three points to assert that this painting could be Rembrandt’s work.

First, the author believes that inconsistency in dressing style of the woman on the portray such as white linen cap and luxurious fur collar shows that this portrait could not be one of the Rembrandt’s paintings but the lecturer says that maybe this kind of fur collar has been added to increase the value of painting and make it similar to aristocratic people and in original one it did not exist.

Second, the author mentions that the light and shadow in the painting is not appropriate and since Rembrandt is masterly in this area, it could not be his work. However, the lecturer rejects this opinion by saying that in the original painting, there was simple color and light and impartial shadows illuminate the woman’s face properly and it was really realistic.

Finally, the author believes that Rembrandt’s paintings have been painted on single wood panel and since this portrait has been painted on a panel made of several pieces of wood it could be one of his paintings. The lecturer, however, mentions that the authentic portrait had been painted on single wood and after that because of making the painting more valuable and much grand, it has been enlarged in size.

The second writing:

The Author mentions three evidences to assert that dinosaurs were endotherms. However, the lecturer denies those evidences by providing three opposite reasons.

First of all, the lecturer believes that polar areas in the past were not as cold as today and they were warmer, so dinosaurs, as a non-endotherm, could live there, and if the weather became colder, they could migrate or hibernate; and by this claims, the lecturer rejects the author testimonmy that living in polar restricted to endotherms.   

Second, the author believes that the legs of dinosaurs were underneath the body, just like endotherms, and they need that because of running and physical activities. However the lecturer rejects this idea by saying that those kind of legs helped dinosaurs sustain their weight and so they could have large size and it was an advantage for them.  

Finally, the author claims that existence of haversian canals was related to rapid body growth and it exists in endotherm. But the lecturer has an opposite opinion and says that there are some evidences that dinosaurs undergone some periods of rapid body growth and some terms of slow growth and even stopped growing and this is not one of the endotherm's characteristics.

TOEFL listening lectures: What aspect of Ben Franklin’s life does the speaker mainly discuss?

Hi, I think you did a good job at capturing the main points of the lecture and comparing them to the reading. You did have some grammatical and verb tense errors and a few of your sentences could be phrased more naturally. Overall, I would rate these a 4 out of 5.

Dear Luschen

Thank you so much for the corrections. How can I share the audio file for you? I think it would be much easier if you had the audio file with my writing.

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