Could you please correct my essay? … "Nostalgia"

Who didn’t have this feeling? It’s a wonderful time when you set alone or with your wife, family or friends and start looking back on the best of your history.

But there are some who exaggerates in remembering and talking about their own past, they do always have feeling that the wonderful days will never come back.
They just prefer living in the past, and they always repeat “the past is better than now”. Unfortunately these people stay prisoners in their memories; they forget something very important namely they recall their happy memories without its circumstances like pains and hard times which accompanied these nice times.
Some people are used to concentrating only in the joyful times and mourn over them, even if they are now far better than before.

The main problem with these people is, they can’t think clearly about their future, because even if they start to plan their future, they want it typical of their past. They ignore the time factor and the world which changed around them.

What they don’t know is, if they could return to the time they want, they would have preferred to stay at the present moment.
So, stop crying over the past, be at the present and look at the future.

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Hi, pretty good essay, only a few small errors.

Hi Luschen,
Your words are very encouraging. Actually when you didn’t correct it yesterday, I thought the essay was very bad, especially that the first one was full of ambiguous sentences.
Any way, it’s a good opportunity to ask you the following:

  • Can I send a daily/weekly essay?
    (It will be like a small column in a news paper “between 200 – 250 words”).
    I can send one every day or every other day or one every week. As you will say.

  • What should I do if I sent an essay and you didn’t correct it? Should I wait? Or send another one until you have time to see both of them or all of them?

If it’s OK. and (after you tell me how many essays can I send), I will put this title Could you please correct my essay? … “--------” as a subject… Is it suitable?

I’m asking to know the rules.

You really do great work… Words aren’t enough to express my gratitude.

Hi, I guess the problem is there are no rules! :wink:

Anyone is allowed to check essays here, I just do it when I have free time, so I can’t really make any guarantees as to when I will check them or even if they will get checked at all. I usually start with the first unchecked essay, although if there are too many to check, I may just start at the top. Articles like this are easier to check than regular TOEFL essays though, and more interesting.

I think it might be good to just post one at a time and when I check one you can post the next. That would keep you from wasting effort on essays I may not get to.

Then again, I am not the only one qualified to check essays here :wink: If you have more posted it may encourage other learners or teachers to give their feedback.

Thank you Luschen.