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The issue of whether people should read a lot of news about an event to be well-informed about it arouses much controversy among people with different perspective and backgrounds. Some people believe that the statement is legitimate; because there are assorted interpretations and some unfairly personal views about an event. On the other hand, other people claim that in this tactic of knowing about an event is confusing and it is better to refer a special agency news in line with bout a certain event. As far as I am concerned, I would like to refute the former and support the latter.
To begin with, the most persuasive point is that editorials board of various news agency has different level of interpreting and analyzing a news; moreover, there is no doubt some special background and unbiased views can deeply effect on quality and quantity of extracting information and details from a news. Therefore, people are witness of existing a broad spectrum of news press associated with variety of interpretation of news. Admittedly, people must pay close attention to a range of interpretation of a news to make their selves well-informed about it. For instance, a new product of car company is criticized by some expert who notice to the qualities of car’s engine. Other commentators take to amount of fuel that is burned by the car to give their views to people. On the other hand, some criticizer since have some relationship with other car company to through the qualities of the car onto spot give unbiased vantage points to people about car. Imagine a person who wants to buy the new car. Taking wide range of news about the new cars into account one can make the best decision about buying car.
There is subtle point which must consider which is; sometimes a news agency are forced to censor some issues in their news. On the other, some publications are forced to write some half-truth in their news materials. Nobody can deny the fact that distinguishing between right and wrong is a uphill work. The exact inclination of attacking to Iraq by the U.S. ,for example, was the first topic on most news agency for years. Most news agency of countries that were to site with the U.S always broadcasted that this war was against terrorists. On the other hands, some countries which are against the U.S political decisions, frequency announced that this war was just for achieving oil from Iraq. By existing this wide range of news one can interpret the real reasons of attacking to Iraq that juxtapose these news and extract the best result of them.
To put it in a nut shell, by taking all the abovementioned reasons into account we can reach the conclusion that, people should be well aware about a range of different views of news to keep their selves well known about a news.

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Hi Dr Ram, your writing seemed better in this essay with fewer grammatical errors and incorrect sentence structures. But your introduction and first paragraph were quite confusing to me. I could not quite figure out exactly what you were arguing. The next body paragraph and your conclusion were better though. Next time, please try to include the prompt so I can know if you addressed it correctly. I think I would rate this one a 3.5 out of 5.