Could you please correct my essay?(childhood)

Do you agree or disagree with following statement: childhood is the happiest time of a person’s life.

I strongly agree that childhood is the happiest time of a person’s life. There are a lot of reasons to conclude that but from my point of view, the most convincing reasons are that when you are a child, your concerns and problems are infinitesimal, you can forgive easily and you are honest more than ever.

Firstly, when you are a kid, your worries and difficulties are insignificant. It does not matter for you that there is a war between two countries or some people are dying because of cancers. You are not worry that your father does not have enough money to buy essential stuff or your mother never can travel to visit her parents because of poverty. Maybe your most important concern is waking up early and going to kindergarten or school. It is really like a dream that you think everything is OK. You never feel like that in your teenage or adult age.

Furthermore, when you are in childhood, you can forgive anything easily. As we are growing, we will forget to ignore many mistakes made by our families or friends. Psychologists have shown that if you cannot forgive some bothering actions in your life, there is much feasible possibility that you suffer continual psychic thoughts; so children are mentally healthier rather than adults because they do not think about bothering issues again and again, instead take everything easy.

Finally, children almost always tell the truth since they do not think about the consequences of that and it can cause a lot of tranquility and calmness in their life. We all know that people, who tell a lie, are always in stress circumstances about disclosing their lie and they cannot enjoy their life because of the stressful conditions that they have. However, children are always relax and do not have any burden on their shoulders.

 In a word, I think that when we look at our pasts, all of us find our childhood the happiest and most enjoyable period in our lives since we have fewer concerns, we can forgive easily and we are honest.

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