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How do movies or television influence people’s behavior?

We all sometimes watch movies or television and in some way they affect our lives. The result of their influence may be both positive and negative. I would like to consider both sides. In my opinion some programs may spoil children’s attitude to many aspects of our life and cause grand problems in their relationships with parents. On the other hand, there are many shows and movies which help us to expand our knowledge and teach us to be curious. Furthermore they do not just provide us with information, we can also see the examples of real honesty, courage and other positive characteristics in heroes of different movies.

There are plenty of television shows which can destroy families especially relationships between children and their parents. For example, show “Sweet sixteen” on MTV. Each program is devoted to a birthday party of an arrogant teenager whose parents are very rich. What results can a child make after watching this show? He sees a boorish snobbish guy who shouts at his parents and at the end of the program receives a grand party devoted to him and a car as a present. That is an awful example for a young person which may significantly spoil his/her behavior.

Nevertheless many channels such as Discovery Channel teach us to curious. We have great opportunity of watching films about nature, history, physics and other things which we would less likely get to know anywhere else. People at Discovery Channel share their enormously interesting experience with watchers and show how it is important to be curious. They inspire watchers to learn something new every day.

Various movies show us examples of real feats made by their heroes. They may teach us to be tolerant, diligent and determined. The movie that affected my life most of all was “Moscow does not believe in tears”. It tells a story about a girl whose assiduity led her to success. Since the time I had watched it I started to study harder and to get better marks, as I understood that anything is impossible for a person who lives his dream.

To conclude, I believe that television can make a lot of harm but at the same time we can benefit from it. The most important thing is that only we choose the influence that television will have on your life as only we decide what we should watch.

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Hi, I thought this was a very good essay. Your writing is excellent except for a couple awkward sounding phrases and some incorrect word choices. I don’t know if your body paragraphs are really developed though - they are mainly just two examples. But they are very good examples. Your conclusion is good, although I think my corrected sentence is a little more clear. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.