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In order to solve the problems in the present and future, it is necessary to understand the past.

Some people say that histories are always similar. If we go through back the history whichever is national or worldwide, we can easily find something similar such as wars owing to the same reasons, issues of air pollution and so on. Therefore, I quite agree that if we understand the past well, it is likely for us to avoid some hazards and solve analogous problems more efficiently.

To begin with, in historical events, we can discover effective methods which can be applied to handle today’s similar issues. As the environmental problem has imposed its effects throughout the world, almost every state takes different measures to decrease the speed of environment degradation. Some measures have worked while others have not. In this case, nations could learn from each other of effective methods and abandon defective projects. For example, Newcastle Port in Australia was the first to conduct Green Port project, which produced great effects in improving the environmental quality. After that, other ports started to learn from Newcastle port and employed similar management model to help develop port industry.

In addition, by reviewing history, people nowadays can avoid some negative results of certain matters. The famous Chernobyl disaster was a catastrophic nuclear accident occurred on 26 April 1986 in Ukrainian. This accident made large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere, which have imposed negative effects on broad areas and large numbers of people and even their descendants’ lives. Since the aftermath of this catastrophe was so serious, other nuclear power plants in many other nations conducted several preventive actions to avoid accidents from happening and many of the measures produced positive effects.

Admittedly, by understanding the past, people can learn much valuable experience. On the other hand, different histories are similar but not the same, which means that people cannot simply copy the methods of the past problems without any revision. Since both humans and environment have evolved, we need to combine today’s particular situation with effective past methods in order to solve problems perfectly. Only in this way can we really make full use of the past experience.

In the end, from what I have discussed, I believe that history is our modern people’s best teachers. If we absorb the essence from the past, we are able to create a brighter future.

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