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When The Creativity Speaks!
A fact is what has been proved by experiment’s knowledge. That every academic and theoretician fellow is longing to reach . It is a conclusion that helps to explain unusual phenomena in our lives. A fact is a vital target that most ancient people, famous scientists and ambitious investigators curve to prove. Yet, imagination is how we could fly with our fantasy to meet our reality, there has been a claim that people should read only those books that have real events, real people, and established facts. In my opinion, I believe in contrast of what this claim stated.
A real events’ books with real characters and settled facts is hard to grasp unless we fictionalize them first by our fantasy. To illustrate, take the case of the gravity power. It is a power that facilitates the life on the earth and specializes it from other planets. It is a fact, but it will not be proved as an inevitable reality unless Newten; the discoverer, imagined its advantages while an apple fell to the ground. Moreover, most of theoreticians put their theories that based on sum of observations. As a result, they start to assume some hypothesis which are rooted by their fantasies. Gradually, they start to prove them by using all sort of possible devices and related facts that assist to state their theories. Just as a saying goes " A fact is stranger than fiction" , we will not be able to swallow a fact unless we create a mental image which does not literally exist.
Furthermore, practical events which interfere with real individuals and materialistic facts is what some believe must include in our books. Yet, it is unproductive method to learn. To light this point, every muscle will be weaken by ignorance. That we have to train it day in and day out if we want to generate its benefits. A brain is an important muscle that needs to be exercised to keep us aware of our living. So, when we read a fiction book or novel, we will picture the images and portray them in our minds based on our reality that we like to create. By this exercise, our minds will work in a vital way to keep its fresh outcomes.
In addition, books which include settled facts are difficult to be understood at once. For example, when you just believe in facts, how could you differentiate between the crazy person and the other normal one . As you believe in what is stated as a visible fact, could it be possible to show me your brain as one remarkable evident that you are sensible while you are claiming so? But, by logical behaviors over insensible ones, you would be able to judge whether this person is normal or not. To add to this point, facts are tough and limit. That when you read a book of others’ experiences , it will limit you within one or two methods of dealing with such an issue; however, when you read the problem and start to use your imagination to solve it, you will be free enough to create enormous solutions as alternatives for one obstacle.
To sum up, a fact is what most people seeks for, from ancient days up to now. It explains various phenomena that happen around us. And satisfies our hunger of curiosity. Yet, imagination is the first stage of discovering the fact. Also, it helps us to facilitate and exemplifies the education’s tough methods. And, an imagination plays a main role in improving our capacities to learn and understanding impossible cases to be proved at once. In addition, an imagination opens our abilities to more possible alternative solutions for one issue. Just as Albert Einstein said" Imagination is more important than knowledge." I do believe in imagination as I do believe in fact, as well.

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Hi, your essay started off ok, but you really lost me in the third body paragraph. You seemed to have some good arguments, but your awkward sentences made it hard for me to comprehend your points. Still, you did have some good sentences mixed in here - I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.