Could you identify a word funtioning in a given topics ? If yes,you are great !!!

Like --but, as , either /neither and many have different parts of speech ; which have really difficult to understand as the English is a second language for a foreigner ;

Could anybody show us about these matters by very easy method ?

(1) Yes, those words are difficult – even for native speakers.

(2) May I just discuss “but”?

(a) Sometimes it is a coordinating conjunction. That is, it connects two independent sentences.

I like broccoli.

I don’t like mushrooms.

One sentence is smoother:

I like broccoli, BUT I don’t like mushrooms.

(b) Sometimes it is a preposition. That is, a noun follows it.

Everybody is very courteous BUT Tony.

Everybody BUT Tony is very courteous.

(3) There are other uses of “but,” BUT I think that those are

the two most important ones.

Respectfully yours,


I could help you with some easy examples for neither/either.

Neither means: not either of two things or peopleWe’ve got two TVs, but neither works properly.
/Neither of my parents likes my boyfriend.
/Neither one of us is particularly interested in gardening.
/“Which one would you choose?” “Neither. They’re both terrible.”
/If she doesn’t agree to the plan, neither will Tom (= Tom also will not).
/Chris wasn’t at the meeting and neither was her assistant.

/(informal) “I don’t feel like going out this evening.” “Me neither.”
/On two occasions she was accused of stealing money from the company, but in neither case was there any evidence to support the claims.

Either: used in negative sentences instead of ‘also’ or ‘too’
/I don’t eat meat and my husband doesn’t either.
/“I’ve never been to the States.” “I haven’t either.”
/They do really good food at that restaurant and it’s not very expensive either. … 1?q=either … sh/neither