Could you check and correct this testimonial, please?

Good evening,

Could you please check and amend/correct the following testimonial?

Working with Diego has been a pleasure. Looking for graphic designer we ran an online ad and received dozens of responses. We finally decided to choose Diego’s services for a number of reasons. Diego was the only designer who sent us customized samples that perfectly fitted our needs. He answered all our emails almost immediately and in a very friendly and professional manner. After we had agreed on all the details, Diego created our eBook covers within a few hours. His prices are very reasonable and we are looking forward to using Diego’s services again.

Many thanks,

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It sounds good to me. I added a comma and changed ‘fitted’ to ‘fit’. Although both ‘fit’ and ‘fitted’ are both standard past participles, my feeling is that ‘fitted’ tends to be used more in passive sentences and ‘fit’ more in active sentences.


Hi Amy,

Thanks a lot for checking the text, now I can forward it to Diego and he’ll find more clients…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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