Could or Can?


It is better to use “could” or “can” in the bold sentence? why?

[color=indigo]I need someone to speak to (or with? which one is better? to or with) him/her about different topics (specially topic questions which frequently are posed in the TOEFL)
Let me know if we [color=red]could help each other

Thanks in advance,

I prefer “can.” The question is one of definite ability in the present, not one of mere possibility if something else were true or given some other circumstance.

Are you able to help me?


Would you be able to help me?

In many cases, that second question would be just as appropriate as the first. In fact, it might even be deemed more polite and formal, largely because it is less direct. But I would still choose “can” in your sentence.

Will you let me know if you can help me?


Would you let me know if you could help me?

I prefer “speak with” because it will be an exchange. You’ll both share ideas. They’re both fine, though.

I like “speak with” too. If you have to use “to”, then “talk” may be the candidate.

i think using could is better coz it is more polite