Could anybody score my essay?

Hi, I’m having TOEFL in a couple of weeks. Could you score my Independent Task essay, please?
If I had a chance to choose between working in a team and working independently, I would choose to work with a group of people. There are a few reasons for that.
First of all, when you are not alone during the working process you may always count on anybodies help. Sometimes difficult situations request a wide range of knowledge that you may not have. In this case a co-worker could help you with a good idea. Moreover, second opinion sometimes is crucial, especially in very complicated problem solutions.
Second, some projects have a deadline and it is very important to finish them on time. But in real life you could have many projects at the same time and it is practically impossible to finish all of them before the deadline. In this case your team would be a good support for the completing an important project on time. Also, team could divide their duties and every person will do his own part of job. It will be very beneficial for the project, because many people could bring more information compare to one person only. A thorough research for the project would bring a success for this one.
Furthermore, a group of people are more reliable during the work compare to an independent work.
For example, if a person, who works independently, becomes sick it will be very difficult to another person continue his work. Also it will be time consuming, because another person needs time to understand what was done before. In the group, usually, people can substitute each other with no difficulties.
Even though there are some advantages to work independently, I would prefer to work as a team member. I belief, that the collective work is beneficial both for a person and for a company.
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Thank you very much.