Correct time use: 'from 8 Am till 17 PM' or 'from 8 AM till 5 PM'

Hi, I am Bonnie, found your site today, looks great :slight_smile:

I am confused a bit about the correct time use, I got two variants, please tell which variant is more correct: “from 8 Am till 17 PM” or “from 8 AM till 5 PM”? or perhaps it doesn’t matter?

thanks in advance!


Hi Bonnie,

Glad you like the site. It really depends whether or not you use the 24 hour clock. If you use the 12 hour clock then it’s necessary to add am or pm so that it’s clear which part of the day you refer to. If you use the 24 hour clock, then am and pm are not needed. So if you say 17.00 hours, it’s clear that you are referring to 5pm (in the afternoon).


Hi Alan,

5pm in the afternoon or 5pm in the evening?

Can you please explain when we should use afternoon, evening and night?

Would it be 10pm in the evening or 10pm at night?


Well that’s a whole new ball game! It depends a lot on your life style. ‘Afternoon’ can be regarded as that time after lunch up to when you stop work (if you work traditional hours). ‘Evening’ for most people is your time after work. ‘Night’ is late in the evening or when you are asleep. That’s just a general observation. Of course if like me, you’re retired, it’s just ‘time’!!


thanks Alan!