Correct sentences

when are you coming back?
when are they arriving/reaching?

are both sentences correct?

‘reaching’ is incorrect there.
All three sentences require a capital letter.

We use ‘to reach + a noun’ to consider the future event:
When will they reach their destination?
When are they reaching their destination would be odd because it would mix the present tense with something which isn’t taking place yet.

thanks Beees.

could you give me more example on this.

“Do you share my opinion?” It isn’t correct, is it?
It’s the good sentence: Do I share my opinion?

Do you share my opinion? is a question you would use if you were asking someone else whether they thought the same thing as you do.

Do I share my opinion? is a badly phrased way of asking if you should share your opinion with others.

Ohh, I reckon I know the difference.
So “Do you share my opinion?” means "Are you agree with me? or “Am I right?”. Something like that.
Do I share my opinion? means I have some information about something and I want to share with you or I have difference opinion as like you so I want to tell you.


That’s the idea, yes.

(‘Are you agree with me?’ is incorrect and should be ‘Are you in agreement with me?’ or ‘Do you agree with me?’)

Thank you very much for the correcting. Sometimes I make wrong sentence. I need to practice english very much. I can’t express myself in english. This is my mistake.

I am a beginner :wink:

My Bike Was Gone For 1st Paid Service Today.

Is the above sentence correct?

Teach me any grammatical mistake in the above sentence.


My bike has gone for its first paid service today.

Only the first word of a sentence and proper nouns should begin with capital letters – not every word.
‘First’ is best written in full in a sentence such as this.
‘was gone’ is incorrect because the bike is still being serviced. If the bike has been returned to you, then the correct phrase is ‘my bike went for…’.

“‘Parking’ Not Works Properly. It Returns Result Of Those Facilities Which Do Not Even Have The Parking Property…”

Correct Me If any wrong in the above sentence…


Sorry Pravin,
I don’t understand what you are trying to say. What is it that is being ‘parked’ here?


‘Parking’ means Car Parking.

In a Website Called ‘’, There are options for searching the sports facilities in UK. One Of Those Options is Parking Drop Down List. That Drop Down List is Not Working Properly. I Came To say This…

Manual Web Tester.

Thank you, I understand now.
How about this:

The ‘Parking’ drop down menu indicates that there is parking available for those sports facilities which do not have parking facilities.

In my opinion this may not be indicative of a fault with the menu, though. They might have been given the wrong information about that particular facility.

You have a tendency to over-use capital letters, Praveen. They are not grammatically correct in many of the places you use them.

Thanks a lot Beeesneees…