Correct me please wherever i am not upto the mark.

Dear Torsten,

thank you so much for your effort to finally made me able to record my first voice message. Actually I had been really stuck with my job. Therefore, could not get time to do so, and ofcourse the second problem was that of my headse. as it was not availablel. Anyway finally I made it. Sometimes I am having problem with my flow, as you would notice in my first message that I have already put on the forum. If you could advise, as how to avoid it or get rid of it. But it does not happen when I am in form/touch, it might be result of my nervouseness.

I think thats it, for the moment, will talk to you on more interesting and ofcourse new vocablary, the real test of my accent.

Now you have to guess as to what country do I belong.

Hello BKhan,

As you can see, I am not Torsten. But I am really interested when you said that you have a problem with your “flow”. I, too, find that I have the same.

I do not have a lot of time to practise my english with native speakers, as there are not many English native speakers around where I live now. When I do get the chance to talk to one them, I get pretty nervous and stutter a lot. Thus, I think that the reason behind this sort of nervousness is that I seldom practised English in a person-to-person setting.

What do you think? Perhaps the reason of your flow problem is simiar to mine?