Correct answer please

  1. Due to the time-consuming security clearances, Lightning Courier ______ that delivery will be delayed by approximately 2 days.
    A. hopes
    B. prepares
    C. anticipates

  2. Recyclers believe that ______ will be well-placed to take advantage of the rapid rise in the prices of all metals.
    A. it
    B. they

  3. Contract details are not to be made ____ because of national security requirements.
    A. public
    B. publicly

What do you think the answers are?

I’d go with

  1. anticipates
  2. they
  3. public


I think you are correct. However in 2, ‘for taking’ will be better than ‘to take’.

I think ‘to take’ is the correct version there. ‘For taking’ is definitely not ‘better’.

It is as good as the original if not better.

I disagree.
Your sentence changes the meaning.

Hi Beees,
Personally I think question 1 is the “hardest” to choose a good answer because it really depends on the taker’s decision/opinion. “hopes” is OK if we assume that 2 days is still not longer than expected but “anticipates” sounds better if we don’t have any idea how long it may take.

Hi Anglophile,
Certainly in the second question, a to-infinitive is better and different than the for + gerund. If the answer were “it”, the structure would be obvious to most. However here, “well-placed” modifies the real subject, not a formal one (or the to-infinitive). Thus, the structure appears a bit different. What you suggested would be correct if the to-infinitive here were used to indicate purposes, which is actually not. It stands there just as a noun phrase :slight_smile:

Thank you Cori, for your suggestions.
It is just that sometimes the key after the book muddles my mind!

You have to apply common sense and look at the context, Saber-lily. The word ‘delay’ is key there.

The courier would never hope for a delay in delivery. He would hope to deliver on time.
‘Hopes’ cannot be correct in sentence #1.

You realise that Cori’s suggestions are correct, yes?

Yes. It is like: Recyclers … so well-placed as to take … (Possible).

They were my answers at the very first time :slight_smile: but double-checking and gaining some further explanations are always better.