Copyrights Fears

Hello everyone,

There is this something that has been nagging me for a while. I write poems, thoughts and a lot of other things in English. I would love to have a native- speaker help me out, but the problem is I can never get personally in touch with a native- speaker, so it has to be through the internet and frankly a lot of people warn me that this is risky because of the copyrights. So do you think I should trust anyone I meet over the internet or should I just try harder to look for something personal.

Thanks a lot,

Basma, why would you think you are infringing another’s copyright?

Well, I could have misused the word copyright, but what I meant was should I trust anyone with my writings?

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: If you are THAT good of a writer then get yourself a good agent. Good luck.


hello kitosdad,

I am not sure whether I am that good of a writer. I am an intern at an Egyptian magazine published in Eglish and I have got a couple of pieces published.

I am not sure about the agent thing, I am only 17 and I don’t know how I could even get one. :smiley: That’s it.


Basma, why not post one of your poems here so that we Westeners could give you our opinions as to the quality of your work. That should be quite interesting for us, and it would give you some feed-back to public opinion.


Hi Basma

You might want to try this forum out;

A good playground for creative writers. Although I have not used it for some time due to other commitments, it is a forum with more people specifically from or in this field.

Copyright is always about you making sure what and where ever you publish that you have marked it with your name and the date of the draft or version. As a rule of thumb I use is that most writers/editors with any integrity will not copy your stuff, the rest are not worth worrying about.

Plus there are no new ideas, “all poetry is theft”, see even I steal words ; )

Like any profession their will always be attempts to steal ideas etc, just don´t let yourself get wrapped up in this too much, it could hinder your progress or attempts at personal branding .

As a published poet and a regular writer in a local social magazine here I do dabble sometimes in this field, so feel free to ping (msg) me if you need any more advice.