Cool and mysterious avatars

I like your new cool-feline self, Amy – really cute! Is that Sundance Kit or Calamity Jane? Oops, maybe it prefers to remain incognito! :lol:

How about yours, Pamela? You let us have a fleeting glimpse of your mysteriously downcast eyes, but now they’re gone! Aren’t you the shy one!

Thank you, Conchita! You’re absolutely right. I’m too shy :oops: But I promise that in the nearest future I’ll place my real photo.

Hi Conchita

No, the (previous) picture was neither one of my cats. It was just a picture that tickles my fancy.

Now I’ve put in a picture of the Sundance Kit. I’ve got a number of close-ups of him since he likes “posing” directly in front of my monitor whenever I’m trying to work… 8)

Unfortuantely, he doesn’t like saying “cheese”. [size=84](He does like eating it, though.)[/size]


Nice avatar Amy …

It might like saying mice … :lol:

best wishes for you and for Conchita …


Hi Herc,
My one-and-a-half year old daughter’s laughing at your avatar whenever she sees it.
Mine is funny too, but yours is the winner :slight_smile:


I used all my mind to understand what you talk about.


:idea: I think you speak about our photos

Amy and Conchita
Sometime I much love my avatar maybe most from my real photo
but of course I’m love my appearance and I afraid… the all girls run after me if I show my picture



The tomcat from Amy’s new image :slight_smile: definitely is a cat of character…

Spencer, do you want to know my opinion. :lol: I’m greatly impressed by your witty posts and your pretty avatar!I think your avatar is one of the best

Hi all!

I think the avatar and the below comment is an expression of currently feelings and as this is just an internet communication we all obviously may show our current emotions by using the avatar and below comment, mayn?t we?


:oops: :lol:

Hi spencer

Could you give her a big greeting from me … :wink: :smiley:


Hi all;
I wish I had enough time to post to all subjects in this forum so I would be able to get this valuable badage of honor and upload my beautiful picture :wink:


Hi Pamela,
Thank you for these nice words, I really appreciate every one of them :slight_smile:
I’m happy you like Cartman, that’s my favourite character in South Park.
He’s so mean but he’s the most honest person I’ve ever seen.

And what does the above picture say about you, Michael? :lol:

By the way, I’d prefer “may we not?”
“Mayn’t” is downright painful to my American ears. :wink:

Hi Amy!

Just a simple feeling: I like that picture. 8)


Hi Michael,
Don’t worry about Amy:
You look good on this picture! :slight_smile: