cooking show vs cookery show


Can I sum their ideal usage as the followings?


Hi Cantik

I’d say “ideal” usage may be dependent on whether you’re referring to BE or AmE (or possibly some other E). :lol:

Very generally speaking, I’d say we use the word “cookery” less often in AmE. For example, I’ve seen “cookery book” used in BE, but I’d expect only “cookbook” to be used in AmE. I’d say “cooking show” would be the more expected collocation in AmE.

Hi, Amy

That was my thought when I first heard it (cookery show) but when I checked the dictionary, there was nothing that says Chiefly British or the like; so I asked :smiley: .

I must say I have never used the word, though I’ve known of its existence all this while. So I was a tad surprised to hear it on CNN.

Thanks, as always.

By the way Amy, why do you put dots before and after your posts? What do they mean?

I suppose that might be a habit I picked up from Mister Micawber and/or other forums. :lol: When a post is very short, it’s nice to have a bit of space before and after the sentence.

It’s not that the word cookery is not used at all in AmE; it is just my opinion that it is not as commonly used as other words – such as cook and cooking.

Oh! That’s why. Yes, Mister Micawber does that too.Well, it sounds like common knowledge. Glad I asked. 8)

Amy is far more well-rounded than I am. I’ve never used “cookery” in my life!

I’ve never used that word either, Barb. :lol: