Content plan January -- April 2020

Hi @Natalia_Polteva, thanks for tagging me in this! What an interesting topic - great choice, @tim_m. Honestly, I like that you point out how much cheaper everything would be without commissions/fees because that’s often a huge part of why people switch to new solutions, but I especially like the additional layer of security and transparency that blockchain brings. This is a great topic, I can’t wait to read more about it.


Hi All – Finally free to start creating work for you guys! Here’s a list of articles I found from which I can make comprehension tests. With your say so, I can begin working on them asap.

  1. The Cold Water Therapy Trend - Genius or Crazy?

  2. The Truth About Processed Foods

  3. Darkness’ Effect on The Body and Brain

  4. Cancer Fighting Cells Discovered by Accident
    Immune cell that kills most cancers discovered by accident by British scientists 

  5. How Much Fat Should We Have In Our Diet?

  6. Will Computers Ever Be Fully Conscious?

  7. Black Hole 40 Times Bigger Than The Sun Discovered

  8. Scientists Can Transfer Data Through Music

  9. Are Private Schools a Cure or a Disease in the UK? Britain's Labour Party Plans to Abolish Private Schools - The Atlantic

  10. Car Window ‘Splatter Tests’ Show How Insects Are Dying Out

As a new member, I was only allowed to post 2 links, but I’ve got them all on a doc to refer to.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


Hi Sean, I like all the topics you have listed here and look forward to seeing your exercises based on them.


Hi everyone. Hope you all have been having a great week so far. @Torsten, here are some articles I sourced for my next texts. I’ve written on articles 9 and 10 before, but they have information in them I still want to cover.

  1. Humanity is more important than money;it’s time to upgrade capitalism |

  2. China’s Huawei Charged With Racketeering, Stealing Trade Secrets - WSJ

  3. China’s coronavirus app could have unintended consequences - MIT Technology Review

  4. How technology will reshape airports before 2030 | CNN Travel

  5. New Documentary "Coded Bias" Explores How Tech Can Be Racist And Sexist : Code Switch : NPR

  6. SoFi Supercharges its Debit and Credit Cards with Mastercard

  7. New Yorkers Face a Training Gap for Tech Jobs, but a Study Finds Hope - The New York Times

  8. What it's like to work out with Tonal, a $3,000 high-tech home gym - Insider

  9. Fighting Wealth Inequality with Blockchain and Tokenization [Deep Dive] - By andrea bianconi

  10. 6 Big Tech antitrust issues about Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook - Vox

Also, I have been working on creating content for the project we discussed last Sunday (more extensive reading comprehension texts and writing prompts). I should have my first potential PDF finished and over to you by Saturday, so maybe we can discuss it over another video call this Sunday. What are your thoughts?


Hi Tim, all these topics are great so I look forward to seeing your next exercises featuring them. I’m particularly thrilled by the fact that indeed humanity is way more important and so much bigger than just plain old capitalism. And yes, let’s do another video call this Sunday :+1:.


Hi everyone! :wave: @Torsten I know I already handed in my articles, but if the forum is the primary way to communicate, is there another way you prefer me to upload future articles? Just let me know. Looking forward to hearing what you thought about my work! :blush:

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Hello Tamar, the easiest way to share your materials with us is via Google Drive. Your first exercises will be online by tomorrow evening and you will be able to collect some feedback so please watch this space :sunglasses:. Many thanks for your great work.

Thanks, Torsten. :slight_smile: I’ll do that for the next batch. Do you give a link out when the questions are posted or is there one I can head to? I’m excited to see what happens! :smiley:


Natalia is going to add your tests to our site through our content management system and she will post the links here once she is done as she has been doing with all the previous tests. Have you seen them? Car-Free cities in Europa |

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Hello @Tamar!
Your tests are online now:

Thank you very much for creating them👩‍💻
I’ve really enjoyed reading your texts :nerd_face:
Great job​:grin::+1:

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Hi @Natalia_Polteva! This is awesome :smiley: Thanks so much!


Oh yes, I’ve seen them before and I’ve saw that Natalia already posted my articles :smiley: Very cool!


I’m now going to try to learn some more :it: Italian using the information described here: Is It Possible to Learn As We Sleep? |


Hi @Torsten
Do you have any feedback regarding my documents I sent to you? Do you require me to make any changes?
If you are satisfied with them, can I start the next 3?


Hi Leonika, please give Natalia some time to add your tests to our site today so they can garner some feedback from @tim_m, @Andrea, @Tamar, @Sumejja and the rest of our team. Speaking of whom, @Elida, are you still creating tests too? Many thanks for your patience.


Hello @Leonika!
Thank you very much for your 3 tests! They are very good :grinning: :+1:

You can find them online:

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Hello Torsten, yes, of course, I’m going to send my batch on Monday (I’m still recovering from the flu :frowning: ) We’ll be in touch soon! Have a great day!


I like the text about the text about the rhinos being poached in Africa because it contains factual information. The texts about roboteachers and virtual reality both cover interesting topics but they are rather generic. What we are looking for are texts based on newspaper articles, blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos that contain real stories.

I don’t agree with @Torsten😀
In my opinion @Leonika 's tests are not generic, they are like essays. It’s quite different from traditional TOEIC texts in part 7 but it’s great! There are tons of typical TOEIC texts online and we need smth fresh :smile:
My favorite is Robot teachers👩‍💻

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Thanks a lot for sharing this with us, Natalia and you are absolutely right, we do want diversity and texts that our content creators enjoy writing and our users enjoy reading and learning from. So, @Leonika please do ahead and create more of your essay-like exercises. :+1: :grin:

PS: This is a great example that shows that we can’t rely on just my opinion and judgment only if we want to create a good learning experience. We need a team approach.

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