Consider vs Consider as

Dear respected teachers,

I’ve found a post here regarding Consider + as. Could anyone enlighten me whether or not the following are correct?

There are two way of using the verb consider

  • Consider ‘A’ ‘B’. Likewise A is considered B
  • Consider ‘A’ as ‘B’. Likewise A is considered as B.

Many thanks


Opinions are mixed, but Strunk & White, along with Fowler, consider the ‘as’ incorrect when ‘consider’ means ‘believe to be’, ‘regard as’. Webster says that the form with ‘as’ is declining-- probably because many teachers frown on it too, while it is not the sort of phrase that would be very common in the vernacular.

The word consider has always confused me.
In some cases it means think. I consider to make some breakfast. I think I will make some brakfast. Correct me if I am wrong.

b[/b] ‘I consider to make some breakfast’-- This sentence would not occur in English. You might say ‘I’m considering making breakfast’ if you do not have the habit of making breakfast.