Conjunction "and" plus phrasal verb

Hi!. How are you?. I hope you feel good.

My questions:

1.- “I made my bed and “I” went out”

Can I always omit the first person
personal pronoun in similar sentences
to that above?

a.-“TO BREAK UP”. Can I use this phrasal verb
to mean “She is no longer my girlfriend” I
know I can use it when both are married,
but I?m not sure here since they are not,
they?re just boyfriend and girlfriend.
b.- What about “with her”.
Is it right?

Thanks in advance!


Hi there, Jes?s

In reponse to your questions:

  1. Yes, you can.
    2a) Yes, you can.
    2b) Yes, it is.

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Hi! I’m just a bit confused. Can you really omit “I” from the sentences in the first example? Will the sentences mean the same?

“I made my bed and went out,” is a perfectly normal, grammatical sentence in English. If the subject of the two verbs is the same, it’s completely normal to use the subject only once. In fact, we probably leave it out more than we include it. However, if you write or say them as separate sentences, you have to state the subject again.