Congratulations Mr. Putin!

Congratulations Mr. Putin,

I was positive you would win. I feel a bit relaxed that you’ve won.

Beautiful election overthrow. Once a judo man always be a judo man?

I hope you can maintain the peace and security of the world. And particularly the balance of the world economy that the US and the EU can’t handle without Russia. They need you.

And I hope you can attain your enlightenment in this terms. Just don’t forget the poor people who need a good leader.

kind regards.

Hello Mr. Kyaw Min Lwin,

I think that Mr. Putin needs the words that you have sent him very much.

It was possibly the most important choice of our country in last 100 hundred years.

Best regards,

My thoughts are with Russia, and in particular with people at the lower end of the pecking order. This country has a history that does not only span 100 year of oppression, but several centuries. And now the oppression will go on with a man who rigged the elections, suppresses the opposition and does everything in he can to hold on to the one thing he is interested in - power.

There are too many power-crazed men in this world, and Russia has not been able to get rid of them since Vladimir the Great. And that’s almost 1,000 years ago.

Hi Ralf,

I KNEW for sure that there WILL be such a message like yours. We see Russia from different places. And from my place Russia is seen much better. There are huge problems in Russia, and there are much more problems than anyone is able to see from abroad. But… All that Russia needs for solving these problems is STABILITY.

I know that you ARE right because you see Russia from THERE, and from a distance the ugliest things are seen. I know that you are sincere. But I know that I AM right too for I am a part of HERE. Be sure, that a new President WAS born in Russia, and he will be much better than Putin. But Russia should be preserved till he grow to become the President.

Best regards,

Hi Yuri,

I think what you mean is that you see Russia much better since you live there. But living there makes your view very one-sided. You are exposed to biased media that impose their propaganda on you. Your government is taking advantage of your weakness. Putin tells you that 20,000 protesters who demonstrate for democracy day in and day out are ‘paid agents from the west’. Wasn’t he the guy who paid 100,000 people to perform ‘Pro Putin’ rallies on election day?

And you’re right, the picture he paints of Russia does look pretty ugly from over here. It makes him look like a guy who is not much better than Khrushchev and Brezhnev.

You could argue that there was a lot of stability under Khrushchev and Brezhnev as well.

How will this president seize power? The ‘better than Putin’ presidents are lucky to avoid jail.

My best,


The Russians have a long history of suppression and dictatorship. It is true that a large percentage of the Russian population do want to be suppressed and bossed around. They don’t want to be bothered with things like democracy and freedom. Many Russians are convinced that they can’t handle more personal freedom because they simply don’t have any experience with it. They wouldn’t know what to do with it. They need a centralized government that keeps corruption at a decent level and prevents the crime rate from increasing too much. Did Putin rig the election? Well, has there been any election in Russian that was not rigged one way or another? The communists used to score election results of more than 90% because the communist party was the only official choice. But even if the Russians could elect their leader absolutely freely they still would go for Putin because they don’t think there is a viable alternative. Many Russians will you themselves that their nation is not interested in democracy and personal freedom. The few that have somehow learned to appreciate those values find means of leaving their country for good.

For the west, Putin is a good choice because our governments know exactly what to expect from him. He was the first head of a foreign country to give a speech in German in the Bundestag. He is the buddy of many German top politicians because especially the German benefit from the Russian/German gas joint ventures such as Nordstream AG (funny Germlish company name by the way).[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Comedian performing[YSaerTTEW443543]

I guess they were afraid that Nordstrom would be mistaken for a Scandinavian company. :wink:

Most people just take what they get, as long as they feel safe in their place, and their lifestyle remains the same. The vast majority does not like change, and the more extreme a change is, the more vehemently people will reject it. Change is always uncomfortable because it means having to give up the well-known things they’ve come to love and gotten used to, and being compelled to adjust to a new situation they probably never asked for in the first place. It is like that in Russia the way it is everywhere else in the world. But there are others who do not want to resign and submit to a regime they do not agree with and are willing to sacrifice their old ways for something or someone new and innovative and worth to believe in. Unfortunately, in many places in the world, these people are being shut up and smothered by corruption and even violence. Corruption is the sneakiest way, and–if done well–it is difficult to prove. Whether Putin rigged the election or not makes little matter to most of the Russians who had voted for him, but it is a big deal to those Russians (few or many) whose votes were ripped up and thrown into the garbage can.


Dear All,

I appreciate your views very much. Thank you very much.

We have weaker leaders of the world today, you may agree. Mr. Putin’s a veteran world’s leader since 2000. He was most advanced product of the USSR, the best quality prototype for new Russia, so no one can underestimate him. Like MIG fighter jets stumped the US before.

He worked together with stronger leaders of the world those days and gained a lot of experience of world politics. You know what happened in the world 2000-2010. How he dealt with those incidents and home affairs. Expertly? ( In fact I do admire his calm and firm attitudes, he looks very professional to me. )

As I said before either he’s competent or lucky the world needs him now. With rapidly growing population of the world we need more Experienced leaders who can handle world affairs professionally. Particularly, regional conflicts and economy. We don’t have the luxury to vote for a Mr. No Name.

Most importantly the world economy. I see the EU and the US as economy controllers. But in the EU only Germany is strong enough. The US is not doing good and its presidency may change in the end of this year. Mr. Obama may not be needed any more after Bin Laden.

So we need a competent caretaker. Mr. Putin?
You know who suffer most when in recession and depression. The rich lose some millions. The poor lose his daily bread.

Everyman has his personality defects. Mr. Putin’s as well. But for the moment he is indispensable. ( If he’s sinful, he’ll have to pay back? )

( But don’t forget Mr. Putin could send his own people to shout against him to test the strength of the opposite. It’s a good old technique of politics? )

He would do so, since he always has a style. His niche. His differentiation.

So I should say Congratulations Mr. Putin. We need you.

kind regards.

All glitters are not gold!

What is called and what types of politics are in Russia, we just can assume by several famous writers, like, Leo Tolstoy, Lev Tolstoy, Gorky,and Nickolai Austrovoisky.

“The Restoration”, I can still remember how touchy the fact was. Russ an general people’s misery is still not vanished due to the bad politicians. These crux psychology has impacted over the general people’s behavior as well. They are proud but why are they so, they even don’t know!

The USA succeeded only by this type of weakness of them. In every respect, I like the USA; because they are not at least chauvinist. These good characters lead the USA to the apex position in the world.

I read a lot of books about Russia within at the age of 27. In this age one fine miring(1993), we several people(American, Canadian, Japanese, and me from Bangladesh) went to the Russ an .Embassy in Beijing. Neither I was too young nor other people was so such to misunderstand their behavior. It was terrible and uncouth behave they did on us that day, I could still remember! That couldn’t be the foreign policy of such a mighty country. Yes., it was their ‘Perestroika’ period that they showed us. I can’t generalized one fact to all, but I am sure a lot of other matters are just like that as I know them. I just abandoned to travel in Moscow then and ever until now.

Sorry, I didn’t see these kinds of problems in China.

I had the quality to be a civil servant, but I avoided it to write everything freely. I did right. During my entering period in civil service, I traveled a lot as a mean of excursion to different countries that gave me some real flavor.Finally, I believe it is the failure of mass people of Russ a as they made such uncouth representatives time to time as we used to do in Indian continent.

Very harsh talking, it is too practical, isn’t it? Forgive me, if things are not going well.
Copy rights 2012

Dear Mr. Minhajquazi,

As you know about the quality of those politicians and their makers, I’m with you.

But you may remember who brought out ( poor ) presenter of Perestroika Mr. Gorbachev, and who saved him back, the ex USSR. Mr. Yeltsin drinks a lot and they put athletic KGB chief. Great move, unless it would be difficult to point on the map where Russia today exactly is. You are also a nationalist, aren’t you?

I recall Reykjavik, Iceland. I learned a lot of so called diplomacy things by reading or seeing on TV about it. It was a great interest for me then. I think Gorbachev won the Nobel Peace PRICE. And maybe some other fringe benefits.That’s typical America move to buy a leader , buy through Norway. You know the Americans are the best in the Business.

Anyhow, I learn a lot from the American diplomacy. Still matchless.

Reagan-Gorbachev Summit Talks Collapse as Deadlock on SDI Wipes Out Other Gains

By Lou Cannon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, October 13, 1986; Page A01

( REYKJAVIK, ICELAND, OCT. 12 – The summit meeting between President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev collapsed tonight after the two leaders had tentatively agreed to sweeping reductions in nuclear arsenals but deadlocked on the crucial issue of restricting the U.S. space-based missile defense program widely known as “Star Wars.” QUOTE. )

And the Russians are Caucasians and the Chinese are Asians. You may see their different of originality. Race, religion, culture , learning and etc. You know that China copied Communism from the USSR and adopted in their Confucius way. So you may not see the Russian way of communism in China. Of course there are good things to learn from Chinese.

But, personally I look west.

kind regards.


At this moment, I have time short. Sorry, later I would explain more.

I also believe in the west for only good knowledge not for bad dream.

Again, nationalistic and chauvinistic are not the synonymous terms, are they?

I am a nationalist,(For debt for my country) but never the later one. Putin just comes with chauvinistic ways this time. A real educated one never be a chauvinist, it is a simple math.

We need more light more better education here and there. What do you think about
Arab spring? Is this not the sarcasm term? How do the Libyan people lead the country
right now without the proper education or here and there?

I don’t believe when you receive a Noble prize every time you are an enlightened one!
What is the math???
Sometimes puppets are getting this. (saying all with the great respect.)

Tell me more my friend. I still need to learn. I agree much with you. But I’m not sure Mr. Putin is a chauvinist.

I’m feeling sceptical about the ways world leaders and experts handling the world’s economy. ( You know what happened to late IMF Chief , Oh dear )
And I recall Protectionism bleeds some countries themselves. We need more advanced thinking and thinkers than the old boys.
If depression comes man like you and me and our families still might be okay. But the poor will be perished. Sad case isn’t it.

Both our countries have high poverty rate, I believe.

You know hundred millions of human beings can be perished within some months if they mismanage. And no gods would like it?
As you know, most company failures are due to mismanagement rather than competitors or lazy employees or else.

I’m happy to have a good writer like you.

kind regards.