Congratulation for Lebanon

this topic for congratulation all Arabic people, special lebanon people with their new president

after three hot and bloody weeks almost, Arabs broke through all internal lebanon problems and they could change the enemies for the Allies through “AlDoha’s protocol”. all these without any american intrusion.
the world used to see american policy in these positions , they have took on failure most time in these situations.
Now Arabs could solved most problems in lebanon , also the peace become near enough between Syria and Israel through Turkish mediation without any american intrusion too.

I guess if america give chance to another countries, they going to process file Iran’s nuclear because they will take all viewpoints and they will give solutions not like american policy just my viewpoint.

finally, best wishes for lebanon people.

It certainly would be very good begining for peace, and it is nothing new in our history that such problems are easier to solve locally. Specially that Americans are backing usually to much one side Israel. You can’t blame for this only last two.
On other side,it was quite often as well that Americans were the only one able to act when any action at all was required.Not just in Middle East but world wide, Europe is to much chicken-like unfortunately or maybe fortunately.
World changes a lot nowdays and lets hope it would change for better.