Confusion: junction and exit.

Hi everyone,

Is there a difference between junction and exit. OAL says that an exit is used to leave the motorway, e.g. ‘Get off the motorway at junction 7’/ ‘Get on to the motorway at junction 7.’ whereas Collins-Cobuild says that an exit is used to get on the motorway or leave it. Yet, the dictionary doesn’t give an example to use an exit to get on the motorway, so can I say: ‘Take the next exit to get on to the motorway.’?

What do you think experts.

Notwithstanding what the dictionary says, to me it feels strange to use the word “exit” if you’re joining a motorway.

Yes, it does to me too, Dozy, so should I simply use ‘junction’ when I join the motorway and ‘exit’ when I leave or get off it?


Yes, I would say so. “junction” for joining; “exit” or “junction” for leaving.

Thanks Dozy for shedding some light on this.