Confused exercises: I think you'll find that the inconvenience of the diet is...


I am having some questions to consult you about.Please look at the exercise below:

Choose the best answer to fill in the blank:

  1. You’ better pack those glasses extremely carefully if you want them to arrive…

A.entire B.intact C.whole D.complete

The answer is ‘‘B’’ but I don’ understand the four words above have the same meaning.Please help me :oops:

  1. I think you’ll find that the inconvenience of the diet is …by the benefits.

A.outranked B.overthrow C.overbalanced D.outweigh

My teacher said the correct answer was ‘‘D’’. Why ? :frowning: .I even don’ understand the meaning of the sentence .Can you help me?

  1. A food processor has become an indispensable piece of… in the home.

A.tool B.device C.gadget

I chose ‘‘B’’ but the correct is "d’’. Why? I don’ understand , is this true that they have the same meaning?

Help me!!!

1-- only intact means ‘unbroken’

2-- only outweigh means ‘have more value or importance’

3-- only equipment is uncountable and therefore requires the counter ‘piece’

Although many words have similar meanings, what is more important when learning vocabulary is their differences in meaning and use.

So can you show me the meaning of sentence 2?

#2 means that the benefits are of more value than the “bad sides” of the diet. In other words, the speaker recommends the diet.

P.S. I have a question for Mister Micawber. Sir, why not “outweighed”?

Yes, outweighed. I was ignoring the typographic error.