good evening dear friends

wish you all be in a good health

i have this question wish you shar your answers with me

1- If you don not hurry you will miss the flight.
2- If you would not hurry you …
3- If you did not hurry you…
4- If you have not hurry you …
5- If you have not been hurrying you …
6- if you had not hurried you …

thank you in advance

I am not exactly sure what the question is. Do you want to know which of the options is correct? I think the best answer is “If you do not hurry you will miss the flight.”

6 could also be correct - it would be “If you had not hurried you would have missed the flight.”

if we supposed all possible
my question is how rest of the sentences would be?

Not sure if others agree, but to me 3) could be meaningful too. For example, “If you did not hurry you wouldn’t forget to turn off the gas.” – we are talking about something in the present which is not true.

One site even came up with something close to 2): “If I wouldn’t drink so much, I wouldn’t have got a fine.”
If you take it as valid then you could say, “If you would not hurry you wouldn’t have had to collect money for a new house.” [he made a habit of hurrying when building his house and now it has crumbled.]

5)—In my view, too complex a construction, you can hardly use it in real life.