Computers cannot be compared to human brains

According to the couple last decades, human beings have been developing at a rapid pace and have stepped into “The Information Age”. Multiplying huge numbers at a fraction of a second or controlling many essential technological processes is a quite small part of examples. Therefore, without using computers our life would be not very all-round. Obviously, it is quite difficult to make a comparison between the technical equipment and the human mind. Many people believe that one of the most incredible inventions is the computers that make their lives better. However, there are many opposite views on this issue.
To begin with, the human brain is more powerful than any computer because the inventor of the computers is the human being. One of the basic convictions is that the computers give people lots of opportunities and facilities. Computers find it easy to remember a 25-digit number. Therefore, major industries replaced stuff by computers that improved and sped up the processes of manufacturing. For instance, all over the world establish electronic systems of controlling to be able to check and find the mistakes immediately. On the other hand, it can bring negative effects such as unemployment.
Secondly, the kinds of processing in a human brain and a computer are different. A computer cannot combine the whole information it has. In other words, it is programmed to think in a proper way. To illustrate this, a computer is unable to summarize someone’s story and express the feelings.
In conclusion, the science has been studying a human brain during many decades. It is not a machine that you can break and see what are the inner details inside.

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