complain in person or in writing?

As the number of people who purchase machines and various technologies has increased, providing them with nice after services can give the good image of a company to the public. However, if I get a poor service or my machine does not function well, I would complain in person. This is because I can explain about problems in a more effective way by talking in person. Furthermore, I can save my time since I can get a service more quickly.
First of all, I can communicate more effectively with clerks by talking to them in person. When I ask for the better quality of service and complain about the poor quality of my machine via letter, I cannot express my feeling completely since I don’t talk with them in person. However, if I complain in person, clerks will understand my problems more effectively my seeing my facial expression or gesture. As a result, they will try to offer a better service to me.
Second of all, talking in person makes me save my time since I can a faster service. If I complain in writing, it usually takes more time to get a service I needs. On the other hand, if I make a complaint in person, I can receive a quicker service. To be more specific, a few years ago, I ordered some dishes and they were broken when I got it. I complained about the flaw by sending an email to the company. However, I got a reply 10 days later, which made me angry. However, when my laptop got broken, I just went to the service center to get it fixed. At that time, a mechanic fixed it in a few hours.
In conclusion, even though there are many way to complain about malfunctioning or flaws, I would like to visit a service center and complain in person since I can talk about my problems in a more effective manner, using gestures and facial expression. Furthermore, I can get a faster service.

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