Comparision of download options

Our users have two options for downloading our tests as PDF files:

  1. downloading every single file separately for free
  2. downloading all tests and answer keys as one package for $9.90

Below is a comparision of both options so you can see the difference.

Option 1:

  • you have to download every single test and answer key separately because every test and answer key comes as a separate file and so it is very difficult to save and organize them
  • downloading the complete package will take hours
  • you cannot search all tests and answer keys for particular keywords

    Option 2:

  • you can download all tests and answer keys in one single file
  • you can save the complete test package on your PC or laptop
  • you can save time and money by downloading the entire file once
  • you can search all tests and answer keys for particular keywords
  • your test package also comes with a navigation bar and a table of contents so you can easily find and open a particular test
  • you can get hundreds of ESL test covering a variety of topics and grammar points[YSaerTTEW443543]

    TOEFL listening lectures: When was Angkor Wat constructed?[YSaerTTEW443543]