Comparing two meanings of Jam

We have heard jam is meant a sweet material and also used in “traffic jam” phrase. I need to know whether there is a meaningful connection between traffic JAM and jam as a sweet edible thing?
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None whatsoever, in my opinion.

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Hi Mehrdad,

I did a little bit of research into the etymology of ‘jam’. This is what I found and although I think it’s somewhat OTT, the information does make some sense (please, look up the abbreviation OTT, if you don’t know its meaning.)

‘To press, to be pressed or to wegde in’. All of them mean: ‘to be in an almost impossible way to move’. That’s exactly what happens when being in a traffic jam. You can hardly move forward. Jam, the sweet mixture of fruit with sugar and then congealed, can hardly move out of its jar as well, because it’s a jelly substance.

I hope I’ve been able to help you and that you understand why I find it so OTT.