Comparing or Compared?

I’m little confused about the usage of compared and comparing.

e.g.Compared/comparing with something…

I don’t really know what are the differences between this two words.

Can someone help me?Thank you.

Hi Castro,

Usually when you are making a comparison between two things you can say either:

The cost of living here is cheaper compared with (the cost of lving in) other places


Comparing the cost of living here here with the cost of living in other places, you will find that it is cheaper here.

In other words if you are using the participial ‘comparing’, you really need an object in your sentence as you can see in my second sentence.


Castro… I think a simple rule of thumb is that the word ‘comparing’ is used when referring to the actual act of making a comparison.

Alan’s examples are good…

… In comparing the height of two boys, we found that one was taller compared to the other.

Does the above example help?

It does help a lot.Thank you :smiley: