Comma or not?

Hi all,

I have some difficulties on using commas in adjective clauses.I know the rule that I must use comma if the adjective clause is unnecessary.I have some sentences with adjective clause, and I don’t know exactly if I should use comma or not :shock: PLEASE HELP ME :frowning:

Here are some of them:Cheating makes grades of diligent and lazy students equal? (I guess I must use comma,unnecessary) which is not benefical for diligent students.

Some of diligent students loose their enthusiasm in learning because of cheaters ? (comma) who cheat and have the same grade as they do.

Some cheaters after graduation get good jobs instead of (can I use article THE?) THE diligent students ??(comma) who really deserve them.

Afterwards, I was not interesting in such subjects?( comma) which I used to cheat(comma?) and I know a little about math, cemistry ?(comma) which lessons I did not love.

I’ve tried to improve and correct all of your sentences (and I included the commas ;)).


HI Amy :slight_smile: THANKS A LOT :slight_smile: Also, thanks for corrections, now my sentences are better. :wink: thanks for a quick reply.