Comma or no Comma


I’ve seen different examples and I got mixed up.

Which one is correct?

The ambassador to (country), Mr. xxx, will be visiting…


The ambassador to (country) Mr. xxx will be visiting…

Thank you.

I believe that the following is correct:

The ambassador to Happy Land, Mr. John Doe, will be visiting …


Mr. John Doe, the ambassador to Happy Land, will be visiting …

The words beween the commas are called an appositive. That is,

they give extra information.

In the first sentence, “Mr. John Doe” explains more about the

word “ambassador”; in the second sentence, "the ambassador

to Happy Land" tells us about “Mr. John Doe.”

As you know, you can delete (erase) an appositive, and the

sentence is still “good” English: The ambassador to Happy

Land will be visiting …/ Mr. John Doe will be visiting …

Respectfully yours,



“The ambassador to Happy Land Mr. John Doe will be visiting …”

is NOT bad English, but its meaning is NOT true. If you do not

use commas, then that means that Mr. Doe is one of two or more

ambassadors to Happy Land. As you know, every country has

only one ambassador to a particular country.

Thank you, James.

I thank you for the excellent question.