Comma and more commas: Why did the writer not use a comma?

“Many years ago :roll: I had to make a very important decision…”

Why did the writer not use a comma?

Welcome, Irina!

The comma is optional after a short introductory adverbial phrase.

And as our English teachers told us in American high school, “When in doubt, leave it out.”

There’s one context where speakers of continental European languages often make a mistake in English.

They write:

But it should be:

With no comma.

This would be wrong in French or Spanish, too, whereas in German a comma is required here.

Thank you all for your help.

In German and all East European languages, like Romanian, which I think is the language of the lady who posted the question.

Thank you for answering.

On the other hand:
Should it not be “Eastern European” :cry: languages or decent…
“East” referes to the geographical attribute.

You can say both “Eastern European” or “East European”. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes “east” is used as an adjective or in the names of regions.

Perhaps the question does not belong in this forum, i.e. What do you want to talk about?