Comet ISON: Will it survive?

On November 28, Comet ISON will be closest to the sun. The comet has already sped past Earth and is currently making a U-turn around the sun. We will be able to see ISON bright and shiny in December, when it is coming back again – IF the sun doesn’t destroy it during perihelion, that is! The comet is very important to NASA and science. It was discovered on 21 September 2012 by astronomers, Belarusian Vitali Nevski and Russian Artyom Novichonok, at ISON-Kislovodsk, Russia. The comet is also called Comet Nevski–Novichonok.

Care to place a bet? Will it survive, yes or no?

I like to think positive, therefore I’m saying that it will survive, but yeah, the December clouds will be so thick here, I probably won’t get to see it speeding by a second time. Pah.

My first urge would be to say “No way!” since comets are mostly made of ice and dust I would figure that the thing would fizzle out as it gets perilously close to the sun. BUT, apparently, ice sublimates, which means that it goes to gas without becoming a liquid. Mind blowing!

So, yeah, ISON may just as well survive – IF the sun’s gravitational force does not stretch it apart.

Anyway, since the general desire seems to be that the comet survives, I’m going to bet that IT WON’T and then, most likely, the dusty snowball will “keep it together” just to spite me! :wink:

I know how that feels, Cristina. I was the same way during Y2k.

I don’t quite follow, Claudia. Best not to?

I wouldn’t mind explaining in more detail if you want me to.

Feel free to do whatever you like.

Now I’m the one who doesn’t quite follow, Cristina.

Well, I was under the impression that there was something you wanted to say, Claudia.

And I was under the impression that you wanted to know something but unsure whether you should ask or not.

Interesting, I don’t remember asking any questions in my first message here.

Are you drunk? :wink:

Ouch! Showing your true colours yet again? :wink:

I don’t have anything to hide. Do you?

Please! LOL

Yes Claudia.

It is very probable, that the weather will be too nasty, and the

layer of clouds will be too thick too see anything. Without

taking a comfortable armchair in the NASA observatory,

there is a little hope for it. Moreover- knowing that its

brightness is going to reach a 1/3 of brightness of full moon-

what impression can we derive?

We had better jump on the board our racket, prepare hot coffee with cardamom and vanilla, and take course, across the comet ISON trajectory.

We only need to ask our pilot-( Keanu Reeves I hope),to prepare the suitable calculations.

We can also connect the journey, with our plans of visiting the Venus, and a little move off, from our course.

Go on, to see the comet ISON. I bet, we will see it coming back.

A member of astral team-Alicja.:))

That’s what we’ll do, Alicja, I’m looking forward it. I’m sure if we offer Keanu Reeves some of our coffee, he will bring us safely to Venus. :-)))
And should he drive us past ISON, we’ll be able to see it up close!

Yes my dear!

I suppose, that this irresistible coffee, is able to do the miracle.

But keep the recipes of it in secret!

It must be our cryptic mark.

Have fun, dear Claudia!


The latest news from NASA states that Comet ISON may have survived the journey around the sun. During perihelion, the comet lost its tail and went dim. For a while, it could not be seen by observatories at all. The scientists thought it was completely destroyed. Then, a streak of light was seen by the European Space Agency and NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. They are not certain whether it’s just a bit of debris or some of its nucleus, but the newest findings point to the latter.

Yes, Claudia!

I heard today, that Comet ISON had survived perihelion.

There are only the remnants, have been remaining… But we

should not lose our hope.

It seems, that ISON begins to be recovered.

So do not we give up, and wait, what is going to be next.

See you there!