Come "to" or "at" an intersection

Which of the two is correct and why

As I was driving I came at an intersection and decided to turn left
As I was driving I came to an intersection and decided to turn left

Also is it right to start the sentence with “As I was driving.” Is there a better way to start the sentence with but convey the same meaning?.

Thanks very much

My guess is gonna be " come to" just because the most common use of “come at” is attack somebody.

‘To’ is a preposition of motion, and ‘come’ is a verb of motion-- ‘I came to school’, ‘I came to my senses’.

‘At’ is a preposition of location, and is used with stative verbs-- ‘I sat at the station’, ‘I arrived at the airport’.

‘As I was driving’ is fine, but perhaps redundant.

Thank you for the helpful reply. So “I came to an intersection” is the right answer.

Also “arrived at the intersection” (when the intersection is also the destination) and “arrived at a crossroad” are correct. Please do correct me if I am wrong.

You wrote:
‘To’ is a preposition of motion and ‘at’ is a preposition of location. Are there explanations such as these for other prepositions? If so where/which book could I find them in?

Also thank you for pointing out the redundancy.

Yes, those are right, ABCDarian. Any good grammar book should have a section on the types of prepositions; you can also google for them, and come up with such sites as THIS ONE. (I called them ‘prepositions of motion’, but here they are called ‘prepositions of direction’.)