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Hi IamaGretaker - it is best if you post your essay in its own topic.


Hello friend, what is your openion about. Parents can be the best teachers.


Choose a person from your childhood, state why that person was significant to you, give details and examples to support your answer


Choose a person from your childhood, state why that person was significant to you, give details and examples to support your answer


Choose a person from your childhood, state why that person was significant to you, give details and examples to support your answer.

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Should parents raise children in the country or in the city


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Should parents force lazy children to exercise?


should female and male students live seperately or together?


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Hi IamaGREtaker


I don’t know speaking or writing should become first. I read some book, it said we should learning Writing first, after that, we can speaking fluently. Is there anyone could help me with that?


listening and speaking
listening and speaking combined with reading
Listening, speaking, reading and writing.

You should aim to be working on all four of them as soon as possible.


Hello, I forgot the exact topic of this independent writing task. It was from Cambridge Preparation book. But I think it was about effect as a role model of the characters on tv programs, movies or video games .

How many people are looking for a role model during their young years? Furthermore, how many of them are tended to choose the one of their family members as a role model rather than an interactive figure? In my opinion, in this highly interactive century, there is no way to avoid illuminated by television programs, movies or video game characters.

Firstly, television programs, movies and video game characters can easily attract young people. They are characters who are written by directors or computer based animation designers. In fact, they always live a wealthy life and especially the poor people want to be and live like them. On the other hand, they do not reflect the real world due to their superficial and marvelous personal properties and behaviours. Even some people, who gradually bind with these characters, think that they also will be a superhero, moreover, they can show a high intelligence regardless from their knowledge status. They start to act like another person rather than behave like themselves. As a conclusion, they will have a big dissapointment when they realize the fact that they are not like those perfect people in movies, television programs and so on.

Secondly, they can be shown agressive behavior. It is true that today all the powerful and/or successful characters on cyber world can be rude to another people while they are trying to reach their target. This such a harsh way to achieve success be able to represent bad example to the audience. Young people who have not found their own character yet, decide that if he or she can behave your self like them, it will be the easiest way to reach the succeed and reward.

To sum up, it can be easily said that cyber characters affect young people behaviours. I believe that genereally it can be the wrong way to get influence. Directors and producers should be aware of this severe situatin on society and they must pay a more attention on their characters’ behaviour.



I am preparing for the TOEFL IBT

I need to pass the test with a minimum score on each part and all in one sitting

The speaking and writing portion of the test are the most difficult

Thank you


Hi Jason,

You are perfectly right, thank you for your comments



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