thank you very much for your answers to my previous doubt.
Now, what do you think about these collocations and these expressions? are they correct or are they too foggy?
“…democratic participation in decisional process”;
“they give significant help to…”
“to promote awareness and large size of democaratic participation in…”
“the growth of awareness about the context where we act”

thank you!

They seem fine to me. I might question the whole collocation here though:

But maybe it would be clear and idiomatic in context.

I’m not much of a fan of “decisional process” and think, whether you wish to keep “decisional” or simply use “decision,” that you need a “the.”

I agree with Molly on “large size of democratic participation” – that’s not natural.

Context is really helpful for saying whether somethigng “okay,” “grammatical but not natural” or sometimes “awful.”