College Yrears

Here is my essay

College Years

What is the special thing in college years? Some people might experienced excited things through their lives, but people who really experienced this phase in college know exactly what these years mean and why are these years the best time in their lives. As person studies in college I believe that this period is the best, because people in these years enhance their personality, gain a valuable knowledge, and start to recognize what their future looks like.

college years reform people’s personality. In these years, they learn many things in different fields that are related to the real world. they also interact with many people in different ages like professors, university’s employees, and students at several levels. such interaction develops their thought and make them more mature.

Universities are considered the most important knowledge resource. In college you have intensive classes in your major and precious information in the other fields that can help you in your career. Although, you think that these subjects are completely unrelated to your major, they are definitely very helpful. so, in college you get a huge amount of information and a valuable knowledge that you never gain before or even after your college years.

With fully developed personality and knowledge you gain from college, you can start to imagine how your future will looks like. You start to know what exactly you want in this life. You begin to state your goals and plan to follow these goals to achieve your own success. Furthermore, in college you will learn how to work hard, how to make schedule, and how to organize your time and works. consequently, these things absolutely help you in the future at your career and your life as well.

To conclude, College years build people’s personality, learn them almost all things they need to go ahead through a good life by interacting daily with new people; and by the information and knowledge gained from study. so that, most people keep this period in their minds and hearts and consider it as the best time in their lives.

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Manee, your sentence content is fine, but your sentence structure is poor.
Read the essays of Leenda and Mohammad that have been posted today. You will see the correct way to structure a sentence.

Kitos. 7.5/10

Thanks for helping Kitosdad
can anyone explained to me where is my structure weakness? and what should I do to strengthen these weaknesses?
I read mohammad and leenda’s essays but I still do not recognize what is the different between their structures and mine.

Can anyone explain ed to me where my structure has weakness? and what should I do to strengthen [s]these/s weaknesses?
I read Mohammad and Leenda’s essays but I do not (have not)recognizeD yet what the different/s is between their structures and mine.[/b]

Hi Manee,

Hope everything is hunky-dory with you. You can read a grammar book to improve your structure. I did it, however I still have grammatical mistakes in my essays. I think it is a good idea to read other member’s essays apart from reading a grammar book. Furthermore you should practice a lot.
In a nutshell
1- Study a grammar book (such as English grammar in use-intermediate)
2- Read a lot and learn from others
3- Write a lot
Do all of the mentioned things simultaneously .
These are all my ideas. Since, I am not professional in English, take my ideas with a grain of salt.