College information: details of the colleges based on the SAT scores


any one help me to get the details of the colleges based on the SAT scores and also the address of the colleges even there is any mail address.


hi martin,
i got all the details of the colleges and the contact address etc from this site. and also this easy to use.


Hi “Martin” :roll:

I see your “friend” abeymathew was right there wating to “help” you out with your “question” again. :roll: Better make sure you’ve got your Paypal info handy if you take abeymathew’s advice. :roll: Getting people’s money seems to be a main focus of the website you two both seem to “like”. :roll:

@ Torsten
Do you know anything about this site? It looks like a scam to me.

I can find no information at all about who is behind it. There is also no address given — not even a country. No email address, either. You can’t look at much on the site unless you first give them paypal info… Looks like trouble.

Hi Amy,

Thanks for checking into this website and expressing your concerns. If the about section on a website doesn’t reveal who is behind it, I usually check into who registered the domain name:

Sofist India
70, Thyagaraya Rd., T. Nagar
Chennai Tamil Nadu 600017

So, if you have any questions regarding their services, try to contact them via phone or mail.


TOEIC short conversations: Calling the phone directory[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Martin, I have registered with for SAT Exam and got confirmation with them over the Telephone regarding the materials. Now I have taken 2 Sample tests, its really good stuff for us. Good practical materials are also available with them. Go to the site register for SAT Exam. Exam registration fee is nominal only.