coffee with no milk or coffee without milk?

Hi, when you order a coffee, what is the right expression – coffee with no milk or coffee without milk? Or is just “black coffee”?

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when i visited Britain i was told they say “white coffee” when they want milk in the coffee.
as to your question, i suppose it would be "black coffee’’ but i am just a student.


In Britian it is commonplace to use “Black, please”, or “coffee, no milk”.

Without is infrequently used, unless as a short answer.

A. Milk with your coffee?
B. Without please.

cheers stew.t.

cheers stew.

And as a statement “I drink my coffee/tea without milk”, isn’t it?


I said infrequently used this way, refering to British English.

Torsten is asking for a dialogue for ordering coffee.

The statement could be made in this way, but more likely when at someone´s place.

Yes, I know. It’s just that your post sparked my question. Threads often diverge a little.


Not saying they don´t.

And using your red marker again I see, very kind of you.