Cloze vocabulary

Could you please tell me which of the following options are correct in the following test and why are the others wrong?

If you are a politician or a pop star, a clergyman or a …TV personality, you will have your price in the world of British chequebook journalism.
A. adored
B. famous
C. renowned
D. well-known


Which option do YOU think is correct? (There are only 3 because ‘adored’ obviously doesn’t work.)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Dear Torsten,
I think b is correct but I’m not sure, renowned and well-known have close meanings as well. In my opinion all three famous, well known and renowned are synonyms, I don’t know the exact usage.

I agree that all three those could be correct, Fariba, particularly B and D. It’s a poor test question.
The only reason ‘adored’ doesn’t work is becaiuse the article would be ‘an’ not ‘a’.

Hi Ms. Bees,
Thanks a lot.