Client side meaning

It would be correct If I use it in the sentence below ?

We decided to work on the clien side.

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The sense of this sentense I would like to deliver is we will work in the client’s company, for example, performing audit procedures

Hi. We say so very often when we have a contract with our customer (client) and the customer asks us to send someone out and work closely with them right at their office for a period of time as stated in the terms of the contract. If you are sent out, you will pay an onsite visit to the customer’s office, working closely with them.

This is merely what I have understood to share with you. If I have misunderstood, I’d be thankful if anyone sheds some light.

This is how we use it in computer world –

  1. We decided to work on the client side.

There are two parts for any web application – server (computer) side and client (computer) side. And this sentence means – we have decided to work on the client part.

And yes, we omit the “computer” and just say “server side” or “client side”.

  1. We decided to work on the client site.

As Anna said, we decided to be present on the client or customer site (location) for work.

Yes, agree with you, Gray. In computer world, multi-tier applications usually have a client side at user end that makes and submits requests to server side (host) that processes and sends the result to the client.